Exposing Common Misconceptions About spy apps for Android

Change is not an easy thing to accept for many people. That’s why many of us try our best to
continue with familiar situations or conditions even if we are struggling or are not happy. Take
the example of parents who are struggling with digital marketing but refuse to use spyware apps
or parental control apps for their kids. Similarly, if you are an employer or a business person and
still don’t use spy apps for Android to keep an eye on employees because you are not
comfortable with the technology, then you are missing a big thing.
Spy apps for any operating system are common these days, but many people are not yet
accepting this modern technology. There can be many reasons behind this type of behavior, and
they must be addressed authentically. So, if you want to rely on this technology but are afraid of
any myths, then you are in the right place. Let’s debunk common misconceptions about spy app
technology by answering some queries regarding its use.
The OneSpy and the OgyMogy are some of the spy apps for Android that offer the best services
to the users. Both apps offer three types of bundles for their users. Commonly, such technology is
used by parents and employers to monitor kids and employees respectively. All the basic and
advanced features are offered in all three bundles. However, both apps are available for Mac,
Android, and Windows users.

Is it Legal to Use Such Apps?

The first and basic question that comes to mind before using the technology is legal. Can I go to
jail for this? Well, it is completely legal to use in many states of America. Still, you can check
the laws regarding the use of spy apps by parents and employers in your state. Parents have every
right to keep a check on their kids and make sure they are safe and secure. The use of parental
control apps makes it easy for the parents. Employers can make their lives easy and simple with
spy apps for Android.

How Complicated is The Whole Process:

Many people think that the use of spy apps is a complicated issue that requires technical
knowledge, etc. Well, it’s not true. The process is very simple and easy. The installation is very
easy and simple. Once the app is installed, the user gets access to the web portal of the app. All
the recorded data is saved on the app’s web portal. Users can access the portal with the login
information whenever they want.

Is it Only a Yearly thing?

Many spy apps for Android offer only yearly bundles to their users. They may offer a free trial
period, but that’s all. Some apps offer two or even three types of bundles as well. All you need to
do is search thoroughly. For example, The OneSpy app and the OgyMogy app offer three
different types of bundles. Monthly, seasonal, and yearly bundles all contain basic and advanced
features. So every type of user can enjoy the feature without worrying about bundle details.

Will The Target Know?

Many people don’t use the technology because they don’t want the target to know about the
installation of the technology. Well, the good news is that with spy apps for Android like
The OneSpy or OgyMogy, the target never knows about them. The reason is that these apps come
with stealth mode. Thus, the app works in the background without affecting or disturbing the

working of the Target Android app. Thus, those parents who are worried that their kids might get
the wrong idea if they knew about the installation of the parental control app can enjoy the
services without any worries. For employers, it is pretty obvious most organizations and
businesses use employee monitoring tools for professional purposes.

Is Remote Installation Possible?

The whole handling of operation with spy apps for Android is remote except for one step, i.e.,
installation. The first and basic step of installation requires physical access to the target device.
Keep in mind that only installation requires physical access to an unencrypted device. Once it is
done, things can be handled remotely. Even the renewal of a license is also possible remotely
with many apps. The technology is different than malware that can be installed remotely without
knowledge of the threat.
For any installation in a third-party device, the user must have written consent from the involved

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