10 Fascinating Facts About Human Psychology

The Power of Priming: Hearing happy music can subconsciously improve your mood, while seeing images of money can make you more likely to negotiate a deal.

The Mere Exposure Effect: We tend to develop a preference for things we've seen before, even if we weren't consciously aware of them initially. This is why companies bombard you with ads – familiarity breeds fondness

The Paradox of Choice: Too many options can be overwhelming and lead to decision paralysis. When faced with a vast menu of coffees, for example, you might just stick with your usual order instead of exploring new flavors.

The Sunk Cost Fallacy: We cling to decisions and actions, even if they're clearly wrong, because we've already invested time, money, or effort into them. This can lead to bad relationships, failing businesses, and wasted movie nights.

The Power of Positive Reinforcement: Positive reinforcement, like praise or rewards, is a powerful tool for shaping behavior. It's why clicker training works for dogs and why kids respond well to stickers on a good chart.

The Spotlight Effect: We often overestimate how much others notice our flaws or mistakes.  Most people are too busy worrying about themselves to dwell on your minor slip-ups.