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New88 Promotions Up To Billions Of Dong For Bettors

New88 promotions are an attraction for new players. At the same time, these are also incentives that the house wants to thank old players. So what are the promotions at bookmaker New88? Please find out through the following article.

New88 promotions for sports betting

Sports betting is a very popular department at bookmaker New88. Therefore, this house has launched a series of New88 promotions with huge refunds of up to 0.8%. This is an extremely high return rate that helps players accumulate bets. In addition, depending on the amount of money the player has contributed, the house will have a separate refund promotion for each person.

Conditions to receive New88 sports promotion

To receive this refund promotion, players need to meet the following conditions:

  • First, you must be a valid member of New88.
  • Besides, players can bet in all games here.
  • The player’s bet is not canceled
  • Your bet is not a tie bet

How to receive New88 sports betting promotions

This 0.8% return bonus is updated by the system. Therefore, players do not need to register to receive rewards. The way to redeem bonus points will be based on the amount of 1 VND corresponding to 1 bonus point. Reward time will be calculated based on the amount the player bets each day.

New88 sports betting promotions are very popular with bettors

Promotion for New88 fish shooting game

For the fish shooting game, the house has launched many promotions at the New88 house, including:

  • God of Wealth promotion for new players participating in fish shooting here for the first time. This reward can be a game card recharge promotion or a gifcode. Players will have the opportunity to receive a 100% bet bonus.
  • Promotional rewards show gratitude to longtime bettors at the house. This is a huge reward according to the rank or level that the player has achieved during the fish shooting process.
  • New88 fish shooting promotion for anniversaries or holidays.
  • Hourly or weekly fish shooting promotions for players.

New88 promotion when participating in Baccarat

This is a huge reward of up to 115 million VND for players. This is considered the highest reward in the Baccarat betting game market today. This bonus is intended to attract players and also create a healthy baccarat competition field for gambling enthusiasts to compete in.

To receive this prize, players need to participate in Baccarat competition. Each participant will compete individually on the casino betting platform at the house. The player’s score will be continuously updated and displayed publicly on the screen in the right corner.

Conditions to receive New88 Baccarat promotional bonus

To receive this reward, players need to meet the following criteria:

  • A person who owns a personal account at bookmaker New88.
  • Have a total bet amount of at least 10,000,000 VND, and the account balance cannot be less than this amount.
  • Whether you are a regular member or VIP, you need to complete 3 deposits into your account first.

How to receive rewards

After the end of the competition season, the winner will have money automatically updated into their account by the house. Accordingly, players can use this money to bet on the next games for both baccarat and all other types of games. If the player in the first round wins, you can use this money to bet on the next round.

Players can also withdraw this amount to your personal account. However, players need to complete 15 betting rounds before withdrawing money.

New88 casino promotion

When participating in casino game betting here, players will receive many attractive promotions such as:

  • First deposit promotion up to 108,888 points
  • If members deposit more than 50 points, they will receive a 1% bonus automatically added to their account.
  • Promotion for those who achieve big wins up to 100%
  • Incentives for members participating in first round betting, incentives for those whose betting tickets have lucky numbers.

Other promotional programs at New88

In addition to the above programs, at New88 promotion there are also other special programs such as:

  • New players will receive bonus money for the first deposit and second deposit
  • Multiple rebate packages for all the different betting games
  • Promotions for players on birthdays, holidays, New Year,…


Above is information about khuyến mãi New88 that players can refer to. The house always launches many incentives every day to attract and thank participants at this playground. Wishing you all have fun and hunt for great promotions as well as great prizes from New88.

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