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Comprehensive Guide to the Life and Tragic Death of Colin Marma


The untimely death of Colin Marma has left a community in mourning and raised important discussions about mental health and missing persons. Colin, a 26-year-old from Garrison, NY, had been missing for nearly two months before his body was discovered in Queens, NY. This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive, respectful overview of Colin’s life, the efforts to find him, and the broader implications of his story.

Who Was Colin Marma?

Background Information:

Colin Marma was a beloved member of the Garrison community in Putnam County, New York. He grew up with a passion for nature, music, and outdoor activities, pursuits that shaped much of his young life. Colin attended Arlington High School and later SUNY Oneonta, where he was an active member of the Beta Chi fraternity. His family described him as a kind-hearted individual with a zest for life, whose smile could light up a room.

Medical History:

Around four years prior to his disappearance, Colin was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. These mental health challenges significantly impacted his daily life and were a factor in his eventual disappearance.

Timeline of Events

Initial Disappearance:

Colin Marma was last seen on February 2, 2024, in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. His family reported him missing on February 12, 2024, after he failed to return home and there was no contact from him. The last known sighting of his 2004 Mercedes Benz was also in this neighborhood.

Search Efforts:

The search for Colin was extensive and involved multiple agencies, family members, friends, and the non-profit organization Hope Alive 845, which specializes in assisting with missing persons cases. Volunteers and community members mobilized quickly, using social media to spread awareness and gather support for the search efforts.

Discovery of the Body:

On March 27, 2024, Colin’s body was discovered near Rockaway Beach in Queens, NY, by a bystander. Authorities responded promptly, and initial findings indicated no foul play. However, the exact cause of death had not been officially determined at the time of discovery.

Official Statements and Investigation

Police Reports:

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement agencies involved in the case provided regular updates during the search and after Colin’s body was found. They confirmed that there were no immediate signs of foul play and that an investigation was ongoing to determine the exact circumstances of his death.

Family Statements:

Colin’s family was actively involved in the search and provided emotional appeals to the public for assistance. After the discovery of his body, they expressed their grief and gratitude to everyone who helped in the search. Colin’s aunt, Gina Nytko-Marma, shared a heartfelt post on social media, mourning the loss and thanking the community for their support.

Community and Public Response

Local Community:

The Garrison community and surrounding areas were deeply affected by Colin’s disappearance and death. Local residents held vigils and shared memories of Colin, highlighting his impact on their lives. Tributes poured in, emphasizing his contributions and the void his loss left.

Online and Social Media:

Social media played a crucial role in both the search efforts and the outpouring of support after Colin’s death was confirmed. Hashtags, posts, and shares helped keep the community informed and engaged. Many people, even those who did not know Colin personally, expressed their condolences and offered support to his family.

Mental Health Awareness

Colin’s Mental Health Struggles:

Colin’s battle with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder was a significant aspect of his life. These conditions are often misunderstood and can lead to isolation and difficulties in managing daily life. Colin’s case highlights the importance of awareness and understanding of mental health issues.

Raising Awareness:

The death of Colin Marma, has spurred conversations about the need for better mental health resources and support systems. Organizations like Hope Alive 845 play a vital role in providing assistance to those in need. Increasing public awareness can lead to better support for individuals and families dealing with mental health challenges.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

Improving Search Efforts:

The search for Colin showcased the importance of community involvement and coordination between law enforcement and volunteers. Future efforts can benefit from the lessons learned, particularly the use of social media and public engagement.

Supporting Families of Missing Persons:

Families of missing persons face immense emotional and logistical challenges. It is crucial to provide comprehensive support, including counseling, legal assistance, and community solidarity. Resources and organizations dedicated to these causes are essential for helping families navigate these difficult situations.

Memorial and Funeral Arrangements

Details of Wake and Funeral:

Colin’s wake is scheduled to be held at McHoul Funeral Home in Hopewell Junction on April 3, 2024, with a funeral service at St. Denis Church on April 4, 2024. These events will provide an opportunity for the community to come together and honor Colin’s memory.

Celebrating Colin’s Life:

In addition to the formal services, Colin’s family plans to celebrate his life through various memorial activities that reflect his passions and interests. The community is encouraged to participate and share their memories of Colin, ensuring his legacy lives on.


Colin Marma’s life and tragic death have left a lasting impact on his family, friends, and community. His story underscores the importance of mental health awareness, community support, and the need for effective search and rescue operations for missing persons. As we remember Colin, let us also commit to supporting those who struggle with mental health issues and their families.

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