Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE Requirements

Attestation of the marriage certificate is one of the most important processes for an expat staying in the UAE. It gives an assurance of the recognition of your document by the UAE government in the process of sponsoring your spouse or applying for a family visa. This guide shall provide detailed information on the requirements, the process involved, and all important details associated with marriage certificate attestation in the UAE.

What is a Marriage Certificate Attestation? 

Attestation of a marriage certificate is a process conducted by the relevant authorities to provide evidence for the authenticity of the marriage certificate. The certificate will be verified through the process to make sure it is indeed a valid certificate and that the authorities in the UAE can use it legally. This will be used in many situations and for many reasons, such as: 

  • Sponsoring a spouse for a residency visa 
  • Applying for a family visa 
  • Updating marital status on legal documents 
  • Ensuring the marriage is legally recognized in different official processes.

Essential Requirements for Marriage Certificate Attestation 

In order to attest your marriage certificate in the UAE, you must meet some general requirements and follow the process accordingly. Below are the key requirements for this type of attestation:

a. Original Marriage Certificate 

Submit the original marriage certificate, as issued by the issuing competent authority of the country in which the marriage has taken place. Generally, attestation is not done against copies of the certificate or digital documents.

b. Certificate Photocopies 

You might need to submit photocopies of the original marriage certificate along with them; therefore, it is ideal to keep a number of the same ready.

c. Passport Copies 

Usually, copies of the passports of both spouses are to be prepared. However, in this case, the copies must be clear and contain all the relevant pages that include personal details along with visa stamps.

d. Passport Size Photos 

Passport-size photographs of both spouses may be required by some authorities, so it is ideal that you have some in hand.

e. Application Forms 

You may be required to fill in the respective application forms issued by the attesting authorities or agencies that facilitate the attestation process. In this regard, all such forms must be duly filled and signed accordingly.

Overview of the Marriage Certificate Attestation Process for the UAE 

The attestation process itself takes place in a number of steps using different departments along with their relevant authorities and procedures. The steps involved are as follows: 

Step 1: Notary Attestation in the Home Country:

Firstly, your marriage certificate will be notarized by a notary public in the country where the marriage took place to make sure it is, indeed, an authentic certificate locally.

 Step 2: Attestation by Authorities in the Home Country 

After notarization, the marriage certificate should be attested by appropriate government authorities in the home country. This generally includes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or an equivalent department responsible for attesting documents for international use. 

Step 3: Attestation by UAE Embassy/Consulate in Home Country 

The marriage certificate will be finally attested by the UAE Embassy or Consulate which is present in the home country. This assures the document is recognized and verified by UAE authorities in foreign countries. 

Step 4: Attestation by MOFA in UAE

After reaching UAE, the final step is getting the marriage certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. This is done to provide the attestation so that the document is valid and legally accepted in the UAE.

Additional Tips for a Smooth Attestation Process 

Plan Early:

The attestation process is time-consuming, especially in the case of coordination between different countries and authorities. Initiate the process well in advance of when you need the attested document. 

Avail Reliable Services:

Seek help from professional attestation services specializing in document attestation for the UAE. Get step-by-step guidance and have them complete the paperwork on your behalf. 

Check Requirements:

Different countries and UAE authorities could have specific requirements or even other procedures. All requirements should be confirmed in advance to avoid any sort of delay. 

Keep Copies:

Always keep multiple copies of your attested marriage certificate and other important documents. That will be useful for future references or in case extra attestations are required.

Seek the Assistance of Dubai Court Marriage 

Attestation of marriage certificates is of the utmost importance for expatriates living in the UAE to ensure that their marriage is legally accepted and recognized for most significant official purposes. Following these steps, ensuring you meet the requirements, will make the document attestation process successful and smooth.

Dubai Court Marriage is here to provide you with professional advice and services to attest your marriage certificate. Our professional marriage attorneys can help you to deal with the attestation process, handle legal formalities, and other problems that you may face.

Should you need help regarding the attestation of marriage certificates or other legal issues related to marriage in the UAE, the marriage attorneys at Dubai Court Marriage are always ready to offer solutions to your concerns. Our team of professional experts is here for you, walking you through the whole process. Get in touch with us for more information.

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