Anand Vihar Metro Station

Anand Vihar Metro Station: A Comprehensive Guide


Anand Vihar Metro Station, an integral part of the Delhi Metro network, serves as a crucial interchange hub connecting the Blue Line and the Pink Line. Located in East Delhi, this station is well-known for its strategic importance, connecting various parts of Delhi and nearby cities via metro, railway, and bus services. This blog post provides an in-depth look at Anand Vihar Metro Station, covering its facilities, routes, nearby attractions, and future developments, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for daily commuters and occasional travelers alike.

Overview of Anand Vihar Metro Station

Anand Vihar Metro Station stands as a significant transit point in Delhi, offering seamless connectivity through multiple modes of transportation. It is an elevated station with side platforms, ensuring efficient movement of passengers. The station is equipped with essential facilities such as ATMs, token vending machines, and automatic vending machines for added convenience.

Location and Connectivity

Situated in the eastern part of Delhi, Anand Vihar Metro is adjacent to key localities like Preet Vihar, Vivek Vihar, Krishna Nagar, Patparganj, Kaushambi, and Sahibabad. It is strategically positioned near the Anand Vihar Terminal Railway Station and the Anand Vihar ISBT (Inter-State Bus Terminal), making it a pivotal point for regional and interstate travel​.

Metro Lines and Routes

Anand Vihar Metro operates on two major lines:

a. Blue Line (Branch Line):

Connecting key stations from Vaishali to Dwarka Sector 21, the Blue Line ensures extensive coverage across Delhi. Major stations on this route include Rajiv Chowk, Mandi House, Karol Bagh, and Dwarka​.

b. Pink Line:

This line enhances connectivity across Delhi, linking significant areas such as Rajouri Garden, South Extension, and Sarojini Nagar. It provides a crucial link for travelers aiming to access the southern and western parts of the city​.

    Facilities at Anand Vihar Metro Station

    Anand Vihar Metro Station is equipped with a range of facilities designed to cater to the needs of commuters:

    a. ATMs:

    The station houses ATMs from Punjab National Bank and Yes Bank, ensuring easy access to banking services.

    b. Token Vending Machines:

    Located on both the railway and ISBT sides, these machines facilitate quick purchase of metro tokens.

    c. Automatic Vending Machines:

    These machines provide an alternative for purchasing metro cards and tokens.

    d. Toilets:

    Sulabh toilets are available at multiple locations within the station premises, ensuring hygiene and convenience.

    e. Shops and Offices:

    Retail outlets like WH Smith are available within the station, providing a variety of goods and services to travelers.

    Connectivity and Nearby Attractions

    Anand Vihar Metro Station serves as a gateway to several important destinations:

    a. Railway Station:

    The adjacent Anand Vihar Terminal Railway Station connects Delhi to various cities across India, making it a vital point for long-distance travelers.

    b. Inter-State Bus Terminal (ISBT):

    Anand Vihar ISBT facilitates bus travel to numerous destinations within and outside Delhi, including Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

    c. Feeder Buses:

    The station is well-served by Delhi Metro feeder buses, enhancing last-mile connectivity. These buses operate from 6 AM to 10 PM, ensuring reliable transportation for commuters.

    Impact on Property and Future Developments

    The presence of Anand Vihar Metro Station has significantly influenced the real estate landscape in the surrounding areas. Properties near the station have seen a rise in demand and value due to the convenience offered by the metro connectivity. The station’s proximity to employment hubs and commercial areas further boosts its attractiveness for residential purposes​.

    Future developments include the proposed connection of Anand Vihar to the Delhi-Meerut RRTS (Regional Rapid Transit System), which is expected to enhance the station’s connectivity and utility even further. This development aims to provide faster and more efficient travel options for commuters between Delhi and Meerut, solidifying Anand Vihar’s position as a major transit hub​.


    Anand Vihar Metro Station is more than just a transit point; it is a critical infrastructure element that enhances the connectivity and accessibility of Delhi. With its comprehensive facilities, strategic location, and future development plans, the station plays a pivotal role in the daily commute of thousands of passengers. Whether you are a daily commuter, a traveler, or a resident, understanding the intricacies of Anand Vihar Metro Station can greatly enhance your travel experience and provide valuable insights into the dynamic urban transit system of Delhi.

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